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Joe Horn: Sean Payton suspension could be cut to 8 games

Call Me Maybe? Perhaps Joe Horn has been given good news regarding the New Orleans Saints.Call Me Maybe? Perhaps Joe Horn has been given good news regarding the New Orleans Saints.

The man who used to the the unofficial voice of the New Orleans Saints has tweeted what would be good news for Who Dat Nation.

Former Saints receiver Joe Horn tweeted Saturday that suspended head coach Sean Payton may be allowed to return to the sidelines this season.

(SIC) Whats up world quick note who dat nation dont be shocked if Coach Payton suspension is resended when the COMM release the new penalties!!!


Resended as in 8 games instead of the whole year in should be intresting!!!!


Perhaps the Saints Hall of Famer and franchise all-time leading receiver should have used "reduced" or spell checked for "rescinded" in his tweets, but few Saints supporters will pick at his spelling or grammar if he is proven to be correct.

Horn left the Saints to join the Falcons following Payton's first season in New Orleans after seven strong seasons in  Black and Gold including four Pro Bowl appearances.

The vocal leader and strong-willed head coach had a falling out of sorts but reconnected and became good friends when Horn was inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame in 2010. Therefore, Horn's information could be more inside information than merely speculation.

Payton was suspended for the entire 2012 season by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for his alleged responsibility for the Saints bounty scheme.


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