Practical questions every NFL Draft hopeful should have to answer

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NEW ORLEANS — College football players have been preparing themselves most of their lives for the opportunity that could come their way later this week.

They’ve been preparing physically, mentally, and emotionally to convince some NFL team to select them at some point during the draft, which takes place Thursday through Saturday.

The 32 NFL teams have spent years tracking hundreds of players that will be under consideration for selection during the draft.

The teams have studied film, watched games in person, interviewed college coaches and players, studied statistics on speed, strength and ability, as well as the results of tests such as the Wonderlic, which is designed to gauge a person’s intellect and their ability to think on their feet.

All of these aspects go into forming a complete profile of these prospective football players to determine who is most likely to succeed in the NFL.

But I can’t help but wonder how the rankings and the perceptions of individuals might change if we could see their answers to practical, 2017-relevant questions such as the following.

These don’t necessarily have a clear-cut correct answer, but they would provide some insight into what kind of behavior you might expect from a person based on their answers:

1. If you get drafted, your first reaction should be:

A) Will I be on SportsCenter?
B) To tweet
C) Hug my agent
D) Thank my parents

2. If you haven’t graduated from the school you played for, you should:

A) Say goodbye because it served its purpose
B) Make a plan to graduate as soon as reasonably possible.
C) Visit often to help your former coaches and student-athletes that follow you
D) B and C

3. Which is most important:

A) Getting every last penny in your first contract no matter how long it takes
B) Getting the fairest contract you can in time to participate in all team activities
C) Neither
D) They’re equally important

4. When you join your new team, you should:

A) Act based on where you were selected
B) Act as those you were the No. 1 pick no matter where you were picked
C) Act like an undrafted free agent no matter how you got to the team
D None of the above

5. What should you learn first about your new team?

A) The names of your head coach, coordinator and position coach
B) Its won-lost record last season
C) Its predicted finish for the upcoming season
D) The depth chart at your position

6. Which is most important:

A) Establishing a reputation as a highlight maker for ESPN
B) Establishing a reputation for being quotable
C) Establishing a reputation for your social media comments
D) Establishing a reputation based solely on your work with your team

7. If you’re drafted later than you had hoped, what should you say about it?

A) I’ll come in with a chip on my shoulder
B) I’ll use it as fuel
C) I’ll prove everyone wrong
D) Nothing

8. Cockiness contributes more to success than humility does.

True / False

9. Competitiveness and sportsmanship don’t mix.

True / False

10. I don’t owe anything to the players that came before me.

True / False

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Les East


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