Orgeron speaks about LSU job on ESPN Radio

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Ed Orgeron

Ed Orgeron appeared on “Mike and Mike” on ESPN Radio Tuesday morning.

Orgeron was asked by Mike Golic about what he had to tell the administration to give him the best chance at landing the job.

“I really believe it was about competing,” Orgeron said. “I really believe it was about a daily organizational plan that we were going to do to build a championship program, the type of staff I was going to bring in, the recruits that we were going to bring in. Joe Alleva was really impressed. He has been the confidant and a major part of why I got this job.”

Orgeron commented on what his first priorities were when he accepted the job on a permanent basis.

“I wanted to thank our team and thank our coaching staff and the Tiger family for being so supportive in the eight weeks that I was the interim coach,” Orgeron said. “Now, I’m in charge of building a championship program. I’m out on the road recruiting right now, getting the best players to come to LSU.”

Mike Greenberg asked Orgeron about his plans to fix LSU’s much maligned offense.

“We’re looking at some of the best offensive coordinators in the country, obviously,” Orgeron said. “We’ve got some work to do, we’ve got some recruiting to do. I think the plan’s all going to come together. We can bring an explosive offense to LSU.”

How difficult is it for Orgeron to attract other assistant coaches who are on other prominent staffs presently?

“It’s part of it,” Orgeron said. “As you know, you have to compete to get the best player, the best coaches you can get, possibly. We’re going to do that The good thing is that LSU attracts the top coaches in the country and believe that we can get that done here at LSU.”

Orgeron talked about his sales pitch to recruits.

“Come play in the greatest place in the country,” Orgeron said. “Great tradition, LSU Tiger Stadium, come get a great education, we’re going to prepare you to win championships, develop you to be a great NFL player. We’ve done that for years and years here.”

LSU opened the 2016 season with the most players in the NFL of any school in the country with 42, six more than both USC and Florida State and seven more than Alabama and Ohio State.

Does Orgeron feel that the entire SEC and LSU are obsessed with Alabama and Nick Saban?

“That is totally false on our part here at LSU,” Orgeron said. “We believe what we can do at LSU, we believe we can be the best mark in the SEC with the proper coaching staff and the proper recruiting. We know that they (Alabama) have done a good job. It’s all about LSU and our Tiger family. It will never be about anybody else.”

Orgeron admitted that LSU wants to be where Alabama is now.

“No question,” Orgeron said. “We understand they are the best. We understand that they have done great things but we are able to do great things here at LSU here and we plan to do it.”

Orgeron spoke of how the meeting with his players went after he was named as the permanent head coach by Alleva.

“It was great, it was fun” Orgeron said. “They were happy and cheering and so was I. Because of the result of the work that they did, I was able to become full-time coach at LSU and I’s forever grateful to this football team.”

Orgeron talked about the wait to find out if he would be the man and about the rumors surrounding others possibly getting the job.

“I just had to hang on, I had to believe and have faith that the right thing was going to get done,” Orgeron said. “I believed that Joe Alleva and the board of supervisors would view the body of work that we did with our staff and what we had to do. Obviously, some things had to fall in place. I said a prayer the night before I went to bed and woke up and I was the head coach at LSU and I am very, very grateful for that.”

Orgeron is confident that he can get his primary targets to round out his coaching staff.

“I feel good about it, I feel good that there’s some great people out there that we can go out and attract some of the best coordinators in college football to come here,” Orgeron said. “You know we have a great player in Derrius Guice, a guy that’s going to be one of the top players in the country. We have great speed, we have great skill, and I know a lot of coordinators would like to have the type of talent that we have here.”

Orgeron says he has a depth chart of possible coaches for his staff.

“We have a list of 5,6, 7 deep at each position,” Orgeron said. “We rank the guys one to 5,6, or 7 or whatever it may be and obviously, we’ve got to go after our top targets, just like in recruiting. You have to have a nice base and if the first guy you go after doesn’t come, you have to go for the second but obviously, we aim to get our first guy and we think we’re going to get it done.”

When Orgeron took over on an interim basis as the head coach at USC, he supplied cookies for his linemen.

“I just want to treat the players like my son,” Orgeron said. “I want them to be happy, I want to give them everything I can legally, per the NCAA. I want them to become one big family. As you know, if you feed a lineman a cookie, he’s happy.”

Orgeron talked about one of the perks of coaching in south Louisiana which Golic has frequently praised.

“All the beignets you want, anytime you want,” Orgeron said. “In fact, you would love it–drive through beignets. I have one right near my house. You come, we’ll go drive through and get us a couple of dozen.”

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