McNeese lands 81 on SLC Commissioner’s Fall Honor Roll

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FRISCO, Texas – McNeese CoSIDA Academic All-America recipient Bettina Brulhart, who also earned Southland Conference Women’s Soccer All-Academic honors along with teammate Gab D’Alesandro, along with Cowgirl volleyball player Bridget Justis and football’s Jake Grode, who also garnered all-academic honors, headline 81 McNeese student-athletes who were named to the 2016 Southland Conference Fall Academic Honor Roll, released by the league on Friday afternoon.

Brulhart, who posted a 4.0 GPA in mass communications and is currently an intern in the McNeese Sports Information office, is the first Cowgirl soccer player to ever garner CoSIDA Academic All-America honors.

A total of 14 student-athletes earned 4.0 GPAs during the fall. That list includes the following: Luke Betts, Eric Greene and Finlay Murray of men’s cross country; Haile Gilroy, Emma Godfrey, Lauren Hawtin, Shannon McLellan and Katja Woelfl of women’s cross country; Mason Martin and Colton Shields of football; Annie Bravenec, Betina Brulhart and Zoey Pawlik of women’s soccer; and Bridget Justis of volleyball.

Twenty-two other student-athletes recorded a 3.50-3.99 GPA.

All recipients of the commissioner’s academic award must have maintained a minimum 3.00 GPA and have been eligible to compete in a conference sport during the academic year in which the nomination occurs.

Breaking down McNeese’s 81 honor roll recipients, football had 27 placed on the honor roll, soccer 20, volleyball 12, men’s cross country 11, and women’s cross country 11.

2016 SLC Commissioner’s Fall Academic Honor Roll McNeese Recipients

Luke Betts, MXC, 4.00, Health and Human Performance
Jacob Daigle, MXC, 3.13, Health and Human Performance
Brian Flanagan, MXC, 3.29, General Business Administration
Eric Greene, MXC, 4.00, Computer Science
Fisher Hamilton, MXC, 3.66, Civil Engineering
Oliver James, MXC, 3.40, Biological Sciences
Finlay Murray, MXC, 4.00, Health Education
Matthew Myers, MXC, 3.35, Health Education
Damian O’Boyle, MXC, 3.25, Computer Science
Enrique Soto, MXC, 3.36, Health and Human Performance
Bradley Traviss, MXC, 3.37, Health and Human Performance
Celeste Cordova, WXC, 3.23, Biological Sciences
Haile Gilory, WXC, 4.00, Mathematical Sciences
Emma Godfrey, WXC, 4.00, Mechanical Engineering
Jaclyn Gonzales, WXC, 3.78, Nursing
Lauren Hawtin, WXC, 4.00, Health and Human Performance
Imogen Hull, WXC, 3.66, Finance
Shannon McLellan, WXC, 4.00, Health and Human Performance
Estela Pina, WXC, 3.47, Biological Sciences
Alison Smegal, WXC, 3.81, Biological Sciences
Kaitlyn Tunks, WXC, 3.57, Health and Human Performance
Katja Woelfl, WXC, 4.00, General Business Administration
Boedy Borill, FB, 3.75, General Studies
Jalen Bowers, FB, 3.14, Accounting
Kamon Darby, FB, 3.25, Health Education
Ed Duplessis, FB, 3.14, Health and Human Performance
Calum Foster, FB, 3.00, Health Education
Tyler Gaspard, FB, 3.25, Health Education
D.J. Gatlin, FB, 3.25, Mass Communication
Jake Grode, FB, 3.50, Business Administration
Chuck Harlow, FB, 3.05, Health Education
Marshall Harmon, FB, 3.47, Health and Human Performance
Zach Hetrick, FB, 3.33, Biological Sciences
Ja’Len James, FB, 3.41, Health and Human Performance
Jonta Jones, FB, 3.06, Health and Human Performance
Joe Lissard, FB, 3.11, Finance
Dylan Long, FB, 3.11, Health and Human Performance
Mason Martin, FB, 4.00, Health and Human Performance
Grant Merka, FB, 3.05, Management
Thor Miller, FB, 3.45, Health and Human Performance
Damion Morgan, FB, 3.82, Health and Human Performance
Shea Nutt, FB, 3.00, Business Administration
Gunnar Raborn, FB, 3.11, Management
Tré Roberts, FB, 3.14, Health and Human Performance
Blaise Scriber, FB, 3.11, Criminal Justice
Colton Shields, FB, 4.00, Health and Human Performance
Will Sigl, FB, 3.29, Health and Human Performance
R.J. Walters, FB, 3.80, Criminal Justice
Dechristeon Wilson, FB, 3.78, Health and Human Performance
Rebecca Adcock, SCR, 3.83, Art
Annie Bravenec, SCR, 4.00, Finance
Betina Brulhart, SCR, 4.00, Mass Communication
Kelley Clancey, SCR, 3.19, Psychology/Radiological Sciences
Sarah Clayton, SCR, 3.66, Nursing
Kirsten Diaz, SCR, 3.35, Health Education
Dayna Garcia, SCR, 3.57, Criminal Justice
Kayla Goedicke, SCR, 3.38, Health and Human Performance
Savannah Laricci, SCR, 3.21, Psychology
Brianna Lovett, SCR, 3.68, Health and Human Performance
Emilee Mayes, SCR, 3.25, Health and Human Performance
Morgan Middleton, SCR, 3.12, Nursing
Sara Ortiz, SCR, 3.13, Health and Human Performance
Rachel Palet, SCR, 3.94, Health and Human Performance
Zoey Pawlik, SCR, 4.00, Accounting
Nola Prickett, SCR, 3.20, Health Education
Alexis Rodriguez, SCR, 3.38, Health and Human Performance
Emily Silva, SCR, 3.66, Health and Human Performance
Hannah Sutherland, 3.66, Health and Human Performance
Taylor Trent, SCR, 3.31, Chemical Engineering
Jenny D’Alessandro, VB, 3.29, Health and Human Performance
Katelyn Elliott, VB, 3.14, Radiological Sciences
Adison Giambrone, VB, 3.82, General Business Administration
Bridget Justis, VB, 4.00, Health Education
Rebecca Korenek, VB, 3.37, Agricultural Sciences
Ebony Lewis, VB, 3.47, Mass Communication
Angela McGownd, VB, 3.64, Management
MacKensie Mosley, VB, 3.11, Psychology
Rae Myers, VB, 3.47, Criminal Justice
Keegan Nelms, VB, 3.61, Nursing
Haley Schneider, VB, 3.81, Nursing
Shanna Spree, VB, 3.85, Marketing

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